Business Planning

Starting a business without a plan is like trying to start a car without a key. It may be possible, but you certainly have made it hard on yourself. You can make your restaurant start-up easier by formulating an effective business plan.

While some people will tell you a business plan is necessary only if you need financing to launch your business, most experts believe every operation can benefit from writing and using a plan. A plan requires you to evaluate every aspect of your business. In writing it, you refine your goals, identify potential risks, organize your thinking, and set priorities.

Restaurant Business Solutions has written hundreds of effective business plans for new start-ups and established food & beverage businesses. Let us help you write a plan that will effectively assist you with obtaining financing, attract investors or partners, gain credit from suppliers, attract key employees, ensure everyone in your company works toward the same goals, and help you to monitor your business progress, make appropriate & timely course corrections, while managing your business growth.

Every business plan written by Restaurant Business Solutions is customized to reflect your business model as it reveals something much more important--the relationship between the business and its management with success as the solution.

From concept to delivery ...
No one can deny, opening a new restaurant whether it be your first or tenth entails great risk. While many restaurants succeed, many more fail.

It requires a lot of planning, hard work, capital, patience, and determination to launch a new restaurant that hits the mark and becomes a financial success.

Factors that can increase an operation’s chance for success exist in the areas of business planning, location, concept, facility design, marketing, financial feasibility, staffing, menu planning, operating systems and more.

At Restaurant Business Solutions we focus on a variety of these areas to provide you with resources that will enhance your ability to better plan the opening process, evaluate the financial feasibility, make more informed decisions and allow you into the development process with tools to stay organized and on track with your plan.