15 $uccess Keys

1.  A “labor crises” does not exist. But a “turn over crises” does! Employers must focus their energy on retaining the good
     employees they already have and they will never have to worry about finding new ones. Another part of this key is to train
     moderate employees with long term potential, into good employees; then, never hire employees that are less than moderate
     with long term potential.

2.  Customers “own” our restaurants. The restaurateur doesn’t. Always work to satisfy the customer…  if you don’t, someone
     else certainly will. Then, when you are done working for your customer, work for your employee. It is only then you will reap
     the reward of an employee who works for your customer through your example, and a customer who works for you through
     their continued patronage and that of their many friends.

3.  The employee is always your FIRST market. Sell the employee on your products and services and they will sell your
     customers. Then, never treat a customer better than you treat your employee.

4.  Keep it fresh, keep it focused and remember to always say “Thank You”. These easy words will keep good people with you
     and your customers coming back often.

5.  Do not spend so much time trying to trim costs without spending an equal amount of time training your staff to sell more and
     serve better. Most restaurants fail when they try to “save” their way to profitability.

6.  Make something idiot-proof and sure enough, someone will invent a better idiot. The difference between genius and stupidity
     is that genius has its limits. Expect and demand the greater good from your employees; they will achieve it…. treat them as if
     they have no intelligence, and they won’t disappoint you.

7.  Train daily. Review often. AND never practice on a guest.

8.  Do not “run” a restaurant. “Manage” a business. Success cannot be determined upon profit and losses alone. If you torture
     numbers, they are certain to tell you anything!

9.  The real bottom line is not how much you get from your customer, it’s how much your customers get from you. Perceived
     value of the entire experience is of greater importance than any single dollar you can bank. The interest you earn from a
     satisfied guest is greater than the interest from a bank.

10.  A customer is not always right - because this would imply that in every situation the employee is always wrong. The
       customer is not always right, but the customer is always the customer and it is all right for the customer to be wrong.

11.  The difference between restaurant reality and fiction is simple. Fiction has to make some sense.

12.  View vendors as partners not adversaries. Anytime someone gets something for nothing, someone gets nothing for

13.  Different is not always better, but better is always different. We may never know the key to success, but one sure way to
       failure in the restaurant business is trying to please everybody. Stay true to your concept and the guest demographic group
       you have chosen to serve.

14.  The more you keep doing what you are doing, the more you are going to get what you got. A very poor grammatical way of
       saying.… if you are happy with the results of your business, keep doing what you are doing. If you are not, then there is only
       one way to correct it.… you have to change the way you do things in business, until you are satisfied with the results.

15.  The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.
       •  If you are no longer driven, find a new way to steer your business.
       •  If you are no longer passionate, rediscover the romance of hospitality.
       •  If you have lost the spark, let the joy of owning a business relight your fire.
       •  Employees and customers would rather work for or patronize a leader who is inspired. The manager or business owner
          who lights the atmosphere of their establishment with the energy of a burning bon-fire will achieve greater success than
          dozens of uninspired individuals holding a cake candle.
       •  You never lose until you quit trying!